پایانه فروش PCData exchange is now possible between POS and software (accounting and shopping software). For this purpose, by adding a parameter in software of every organization, sending info from software to the terminal such as invoice and etc. and vice versa from the terminal to software such as payment approval or disapproval, payment date and hour and card no. will be made possible. For example, after shopping from a chain store, total sum of invoice will be sent to the terminal by the software and cardholder, after swiping the card, will enter the password without any need to entering the amount. On the other hand, after completion of shopping process by the terminal, invoice will be automatically issued by a confirmation message to the software. The process eliminates the possibility of price mistyping (especially in case of low or high amounts) and improves the speed of transaction. The connection registers the required info in software database and makes it analyzable.
- Stores with multiple cash offices for receiving cash
- Stores which issue invoices by accounting software for goods/services
- Stores with goods prices not rounded
- Centers where give various discounts on customers’ invoices
- Eliminating error possibility while entering the amount by operator or customer
- Consistent with government accountholder’s requirements due to error impossibility
- The possibility of reporting and accuracy of transactions through POS or accounting software
- Presenting tracking code on POS receipt after successful transaction