Mobile POS

پایانه فروش سیارMobile POS is the new generation of card reader machines which is connected to banking network using cellphone system services and handles the transactions using GPRS services.
- At big stores with delivery system
- At capillary distribution systems or distribution companies
- At sites where access to other communication lines is not easily possible
- Portable machines with no place restriction
- High speed transaction
- Using rechargeable batteries with long life
- Better capability in case of good network coverage
To add to the modern banking products, meet the needs of different businesses and customers and facilitate the payment services for customers, Karafarin Bank has introduced two products namely M-POS and PDA-POS.
M-POS or Mobile POS
The new generation of mobile POS is a store card reader given to customers by Karafarin Bank aiming at offering new services in e-banking. This kind of mobile POS allows banking transactions through connecting to smart phones or tablets. M-POS is a type which is designed for the purpose of comfortable light-weight transportation of mobile POS and is comprised of two parts.