Safe Card

ایمن کارت کارآفرین

Imen (Safe) Card is a new product from Karafarin Bank which is designed to improve customers’ security during e-shopping or physical shopping. The only difference between Imen Card and debit card is that the latter is directly connected to the customer’s bank account while the former is not; thus improving the customer’s financial security especially in e-shopping.
When ordinary banking cards are illegally accessed due to negligence or frauds, the entire balance of the account, which is connected to the card, is exposed to the risk of theft and illegal withdrawal. But Imen Card is not directly connected to any of customer’s accounts thanks to its high security but the holder can easily recharge the card at any time according to his or her needs. After recharging, the customers can use the balance up to the recharged amount through various channels.
Imen Card features
Imen Card may be used for carrying out the financial transactions as follows:
• Receiving cash from ATMs (as per SHETAB terms and conditions)
• Purchasing from POS
• E-shopping
• Transfer to SHETAB member cards (as per SHETAB terms and conditions)
• Transfer from SHETAB member cards
• Paying utilities
• Changing first PIN and creating second PIN
• Receiving last 5 turnover bill from ATM
• Receiving the balance from ATM
• Receiving last 3 turnover bill from Karafarin Telephone Bank